Who we are

Scandinavian Work Style.
No bullshit.

We want simple things. To work with people we like & to have the freedom in creating awesome software together. Are we daydreaming? No. All of this and even more is possible with the Scandinavian work culture where people matter the most.

What we do

Bluestone PIM is a cloud-native SaaS solution, providing product information software to global e-commerce companies around the world.

Every day we support our customers in organizing a massive amount of product data and empower them to create a composable, scalable, and open  commerce technology stack for ever-evolving needs.

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We foster a culture of teamwork and innovative fun while empowering our employees to reach their full potential and contribute to our collective success. Everything in Bluestone PIM has a right proportion as work-life balance is deeply embedded in our Culture Code.

Einar Augedal,  CEO at Bluestone PIM

Our Departments

Saftware Development

Software Development

This is where the heart of our product beats. We developed our PIM solution from scratch. We are proud to say that our core solution is now mature and recognized among the best industry leaders.

Software Development
Customer & Partner Experience

Customer & Partner Experience

Our experts provide extensive support for customers - ensuring that they use PIM effectively and the solution meets their business needs. The team also plays a major role in communication with our partners.

Customer & Partner Experience


Our robust Marketing Team is proficient in social media, crafting killer content, and many more. Graphic design and marketing automation have no secrets to them.

Group Admin

Group Admin

HR, finance, recruitment, and Employer Branding are only a few areas of the Team's responsibilities. Organizing cool integration events and supporting all teams across Bluestone PIM is what this team does best.

Group Admin


Our international Sales Team are true experts in dialogue with our existing and potential new customers.



Developing a solid product roadmap, and investing our time and resources in R&D ensures that our product fits the market - simply anything that keeps us and our PIM on top of the most innovative tech e-commerce solutions.

Platform Services

Platform Services

Providing hosting and maintaining a stable and up-to-date platform enables the team to deliver PIM solutions to our customers globally.

Platform Services

What's it like to be part of our team?

  • Edds-img

    As Head of Global Business Development, my role excites and challenges me every day. I am thrilled to be creating a new department and pioneering a new chapter of growth for Bluestone PIM. Empowerment from senior leadership allows me to implement innovative ideas and processes, whilst recruiting top-tier talent. All of this contributes to a first-rate working environment and culture

    Edd Foreman
    Head of Global Business Development
    London, United Kingdom
  • Cathrine Wille Herløvær

    As a technical go-to person, I enjoy using my expertise to help customers work with our software, but also collaborating with colleagues across different teams and countries. I like the variety of tasks and challenges the company gives!

    Cathrine Wille Herløvær
    Project Architect
    Tønsberg, Norway
  • Martin Salte Voie

    Interacting with both the technical and customer side of business is highly engaging, and we get to do so with fun and experienced colleagues.

    Martin Salte Voie
    Product Owner
    Tønsberg, Norway
  • Sureewan Mothong

    I have been working here over 6 years and counting! I grew up with Bluestone PIM family, a lot of opportunities and great environment with professional colleagues.

    Sureewan Mothong (Ann)
    Web Designer
    Bangkok, Thailand
  • Danai Chaiyabutra

    Working for a great company, with great people as one family are not only keys to success and growth but also bring a good work-life balance. We can find it here in Bluestone PIM!

    Danai Chaiyabutra
    System Developer (Frontend)
    Bangkok, Thailand

Meet our Talent & Culture team

Marlena Koziana
Head of Talent & Culture
Location-pin Gdańsk, Poland
linkedin Marlena
Praewareen Yotwittayakul
Talent & Culture Administrator
Location-pin Bangkok, Thailand
linkedin Praewareen
Milena Śmiłek
Talent Acquisition & Employer Branding Specialist
Location-pin Gdańsk, Poland
linkedin Milena

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Company values

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  • Customer First

    We put our customers at the center of everything we do. Their satisfaction is one of our priorities and we strive to exceed our client's expectations with every interaction.
  • Innovative Fun

    We value creativity and enjoy finding new solutions to challenges. We believe that a fun and positive environment leads to better results and happier team members.
  • One Family

    Our team members come from different parts of the world, but we still work like One Family. Despite the distance between us, our aim is to feel that we create great things together.
  • We Care

    We care about our employees, customers, and partners. We believe that human factors like understanding, warmth, and kindness can’t be overstated, even while doing business.