Scandinavian Work Style. No bullshit.

We want simple things. To work with people we like and care about. To have freedom to create awesome things. To be our better selves. To live a fulfilling life. All of this is possible with the Scandinavian work style where people matter most. Sound too idealistic? Talk to us and see for yourself!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Who are we?

We are a growing Nordic tech company with a global reach. Our customers are located in 20 countries on five continents and we have offices in Sweden, Norway, Poland, Thailand, the Netherlands and USA. Our employees come from different parts of the world, but we work like one family.

2 - What do we do?

We provide product information software to global e-commerce companies. Bluestone PIM is a cloud-native SaaS solution built and housed entirely on AWS. It enables collaboration on product data enrichment, helps to manage digital assets (DAM), empowers retailers to create an excellent customer experience, and makes the most of omnichannel consistency. We are also one of the early adopters of MACH architecture (microservices, API-first, cloud-native and headless) and a proud member of the MACH Alliance.

3 - We are a Digital-First company. What does it mean?

Since the pandemic, we are 100% digital-first. That means we are flexible when it comes to communication and digital team collaboration. You can work remotely in your home office or in a hybrid model in one of our hubs. Digital is always the first. Being and working together is very important to us, even if we do not often meet in person. We value social days, meeting the entire team at least once a year and celebrating the big and small successes of all team members.

4 - What contract do we offer?

We work with an employment contract, but if you have your own business or want to start it, we can work together under a B2B contract.

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Our visionThe dream

The dream

“Our Dream is to change the way companies around the world do their business and sell their products using the best of Technology. Bluestone PIM is the heart of Digital Commerce“

- Einar Augedal CEO, Bluestone PIM

The dream

Our teamWhat's it like to be part of our team?

Lucky us, we work with dedicated and open-minded people around the world! Here is what they say:

  • Martin Salte Voie - Project Manager
    "Interacting with both the technical and customer side of business is highly engaging, and we get to do so with fun and experienced colleagues."
    Martin Salte Voie
    Project Manager
    Martin Salte Voie - Project Manager
  • Maya Kislykh - Digital Marketing Lead
    "It's great to work in a company where you can get support, comfortably share your ideas and even say, "Can you explain this to me like I am 5 years old"? Only in such a safe environment can people grow professionally and do their best work."
    Maya Kislykh
    Digital Marketing Lead
    Maya Kislykh - Digital Marketing Lead
  • Danai Chaiyabutra - System Developer (Frontend)
    "Working for a great company, with great people as one family are not only keys to success and growth but also bring a good work-life balance. We can find it here in Bluestone PIM!"
    Danai Chaiyabutra
    System Developer (Frontend)
    Danai Chaiyabutra - System Developer (Frontend)
  • Sureewan Mothong - Web Designer
    "Working here more than 10 years and counting! I grew up with Bluestone PIM family, a lot of opportunities and great environment with professional colleagues."
    Sureewan Mothong
    Web Designer
    Sureewan Mothong - Web Designer

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  • spoken languages
    17 fluently spoken languages
  • colleauges
    96 colleauges
  • coffee
    178 coffees drank today
  • video sessions
    1315 video sessions held this week
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Culture code Customer First

Happy customer is the best end-result of our collaboration and determination. We love our work and awesome results.

Culture code

Culture code Innovative Fun

We work in a vibrant environment where everyone contributes. We are together in this.

Culture code

Culture code One Family

Our team members come from different parts of the world, but we work like one family.

Culture code

Culture code We Care

We genuinely want our team members to have the best working environment. Our people are the direct source of our success.

Culture code
Culture code
Culture code
Culture code
Culture code
Culture code

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Bluestone PIM Brand Manifesto

This brand manifesto
declares our views,
motives, and intentions

Our purpose

  • Satisfy our desire for Innovation

  • Improve the World with our Technology

  • Embrace the Scandinavian Work Style

The legacy we want to leave behind

  • Innovate the Digital Commerce Industry

  • Create a life-defining story for everyone involved

  • Spread the ideas of the Scandinavian Work Style around the globe

  • Win battles on our terms

  • Create a global software success story

  • … and have a lot of fun

How we try to transform the world

  • We use our experience and knowledge in digital commerce

    to develop software that positively impacts the lives of consumers and companies

  • We believe in the best in every person

    and promote trust, collaboration and teamwork

  • We work as if there are no borders and no nations

    and the world is our community

How we achieve our goals

We believe in working smart and being dedicated over time
We work Digital First without any boundaries
We work to be loved by customers everywhere, in all time zones

Our Value Propositions

Our mindset
A new look at Business
Software purpose
The heart of Digital Commerce
Our customers
Built for Tech Lovers and Innovators
How we behave
Scandinavian Work Style - No Bullshit
Our locations

Find us in the most exciting locations! Our locations

You can find our offices in Tønsberg (Norway), Bangkok (Thailand) and Gdańsk (Poland). We do not miss the chance to visit each other in different locations as some of our team members work fully remotely.
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Our locations